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Challenge and motivation

In knowledge federation, knowledge work becomes an object of design. In KF, knowledge work is designing itself, and thereby taking a new and accelerated course of evolution. Our strategy is bootstrapping - we use our own community as a sandbox to evolve ideas, patterns of interaction and technical solutions. Our goal is a radical improvement of social organization of knowledge work. We operationalize this general goal by two specific ones:

• To co-create a knowledge federation.
• To foster and spread the meme of self-organization of knowledge work.

While aiming for this ambitious goal, our first concern must be to preserve the time-tested standards of excellence, not the least the academic ones.


Welcome to the "Knowledge Federation" Community!

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Knowledge Federation 2008, 1st International Workshop on Knowledge Federation
Knowledge Federation 2010, 2nd International Workshop on Knowledge Federation
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KF visual identity revisited no. 2 2 Replies

Dear Fellow Federators,Again I would like to draw your attention to the visual identity of Knowledge Federation. Please see the attached pdf for a new conceptual sketch.After getting some feedback by…Continue

Started by Fredrik Eive Refsli. Last reply by Dino Karabeg Nov 27, 2012.

Completing the Knowledge Federation 1 Reply

Dear knowledge federators,My most optimistic hope for our Dubrovnik meeting was that we would 'foster the meme of self-organization in knowledge work' — begin a community capable of developing…Continue

Started by Dino Karabeg. Last reply by Sam Hahn Oct 18, 2012.

KF visual identity revisited

Dear Fellow Federators,Please see the attached pdf for a conceptual sketch for Knowledge Federation's visual identity. So why did I want to make a new one? Because I feel that the first one was made…Continue

Tags: identity, visual

Started by Fredrik Eive Refsli Dec 15, 2010.

Virtual Lounge 5 Replies

Hello fellow federators! Welcome to the virtual lounge where we can sip on our fave virtual drink, relax and chit chat about anything we care for.This is a good space to test our wild ideas and…Continue

Started by George Pór. Last reply by Dino Karabeg Oct 17, 2010.

Blog Posts

Knowledge Federation Workshop Dubrovnik 2012

One of the paradoxes of Knowledge Federation is that when the developments in it are at their most intense level, nothing gets reported here on its community site, because everyone's too busy. That has very much been the case during the past year.

I use this opportunity to welcome our new members.

And I encourage everyone to take a look at, and feel warmly invited to join the storm of…


Posted by Dino Karabeg on September 16, 2012 at 11:00am

Information Age Paradox

Several days ago when I was preparing an introductory lecture about Knowledge Federation for my research group at the university, I realized that there was a central point which I wanted to convey, and I was looking for a suitable visual

metaphor. So I was very happy to find the picture below on the Web. My photoshoping was not perfect, but you might see what the picture represents: It’s a tricycle with a rocket engine! Obviously, it’s a work of art (by “Rocketman” Ky Michaelson); and…


Posted by Dino Karabeg on March 19, 2012 at 12:00am

Knowledge Federation's New Year 2012

Dear Knowledge Federation Members,

I want to thank and congratulate you for the past year. The development we have initiated together in Dubrovnik in 2008, and properly began at the second Knowledge Federation workshop in Dubrovnik last year –  to ‘foster self-organization in knowledge work,’ or ‘a self-organizing collective mind’ – has during this year reached depth and concreteness that promise us a most eventful year ahead. Each of the three workshops we organized last year was a…


Posted by Dino Karabeg on January 3, 2012 at 2:36pm

Collective Intelligence 2012

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is organizing a conference in April 2012, whose aim is to develop an international community for collective intelligence. It is still possible to submit an article – the deadline has been moved to November 18. We have submitted an article that describes Knowledge Federation's value proposition to the cause of collective…


Posted by Dino Karabeg on November 16, 2011 at 12:07am



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